of adolescents may experience a mental health problem in any given year
of mental health problems are established by age 14 and 75% by age 24
of children aged 5-16 years have a clinically diagnosable mental problem

About happitude

Helping others through the teachings of mindfulness and meditation to experience positive connections, enhance fulfilment and ultimately live happier lives

Specialising in mindfulness approaches through online tools – Happitude.life are an online self-care company providing an empathetic and calming approach to happiness.

Our principle goal is ‘Happiness for Everyone’ and as a company we offer an environment that provides time, compassion and understanding to achieve positive growth and a greater self-discovery through connecting and sharing.

Levels of anxiety and depression are higher than ever, with mental health now a greater concern than it has ever been. Here at Happitude.life we bring together effective mindfulness and connectivity approaches in a way that are both realistic and accessible to those struggling to deal with their emotions.

Our successful tools are easily accessible to everyone through our smart products, innovative services and our support team who are here to help you feel more positively connected and to ease those feelings of anxiousness, stress and depression.

We create a feeling of calm and serenity, enabling a more resilient reaction, better sleep pattern and the ability to live in the moment.
We make happiness accessible and achievable.

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